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Collection: BEHATI

Since 2018 Behati has been breaking the norms in traditional costumes of Malaysia, most famously for creating the viral Baju Melayu Oversaiz and Baju Melayu Pendek.

Behati signifies the blessings that is surrounding Malaysia's multicultural lifestyle. Our take on Malaysian wear is to merge traditional elements from different races of Malaysia - Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, to create looks that speak Malaysia as a nation. 
We are committed to preserve the traditional crafts of Malaysia by applying the techniques of different cultures into our collection.

Kel Wen, the creative and marketing director of Behati. Born in Melaka, he grew up in a multiracial circle of friends during his childhood times in Muar of Johor. Having different culture around him growing up has been a norm and a source of inspiration for his art. He believes in sharing culture among different races by keeping traditions alive and ahead.