About us

BEV C multi-label store

BEV C multi-label store is designed to be a unique space for independent designers to showcase their collections, founded in 2020.

We believe that the uniqueness of independent brands shall be well promoted and recognised and eventually become an inspiration to the market. We wish to work with real artists and introduce them to a broader public consumer range. One of our goals is to build up a community in the creative industry that leads to long-lasting relationships and business opportunities.

Selected talented independent brands are available in store & the official website. We welcome any fashion designers to become partners with us if you are a tastemaker looking for an opportunity to be seen in this massive fashion world.
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BEV C Cafe

Bev C Cafe started in 2014, rather than being just a fashion label, Bev C doubles up as a cafe, providing a space for creativity to be expressed through fashion design together with beverage crafting. 

E-Menu Link : BEV C Cafe
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