BEV C is a designer collection founded in 2013 Malaysia. Structure in unisex design, layered dressing and convertible wear is our biggest characteristic. Mainly designed in the concept of “The minimalist closet”, embracing the idea that a single piece of clothing can be worn in endless ways. BEV C begins from various aspects in producing every piece of clothing, be it sketching the designs from scratch, curating and finalizing with material selection, to the completion of a design piece, BEV C ensures that every detail is carefully put together into a masterpiece.

Believing in our philosophy 'Own your style or stay naked’, breaking gender norms with the design that include a mix of feminine and masculine cuts. It embodies the androgynous “Gentlewoman” approach - breaking gender norms in fashion.

After all, isn’t handsome the new sexy?

Sustainable Line

BEV C designed and launched a new ‘’SUSTAINABLE LINE’’, turning fashion waste into fashion art pieces with different perspectives of deconstruction, hand indigo-dyed, bleach-dyed and rust-dyed. Each piece of this collection comes in a different and handmade unique as our philosophy “Own Your Style or Stay Naked”.

The sustainable collection creates a new culture of value in place of fashion waste. It’s like pieces of the puzzle when exploring possibilities of sustainable fashion, bits and pieces come together with their own story. BEV C team exploring methods that can extend the life-cycle of past seasons garments, through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction and make it into a new handcrafted textile.

In order to ensure 100% transparency and provide the highest levels of quality, our team manages the full process from waste collection to recycling, manufacture, design, and retail. The aim is to go from linear production to circular, where materials are not discarded after use but instead recycled or used in other ways so that the waste is kept to a minimum.




BEV C founder & designer - Beverly Bee, had 10 years of experience in the world of fashion – from her first Vintage Selected Shop to her own self-taught designed label - BEV C. BEV C is the clothing brand and a multi-local designer store launched by Beverly in 2013. She is known for her eclectic style and also for breaking gender norms with designs that include a mix of masculine and feminine cuts.