Collection: KEITHSIM


Keith Sim was born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak, but moved to
Perth, Western Australia, to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion
designer. Having studied Fashion Products and Markets in the
renowned North Metropolitan TAFE, he has learned under the care of
talented tailors, designers, and artists. Since then, his elegant designs
rendered him awards such as Best Designer of 2019 in Borneo
Fashion Week.

Landing back in Kuching, Keith Sim became KEITHSIM, a brand
focused on promoting the ideal of empowering people through

Starting from 2020, KEITHSIM is joining the Slow Fashion movement,
adopting a more sustainable, ethical, environmental-friendly way of
making fashion. To the customers, this translates into products with
higher quality and a longer-lasting style. To the planet, it means less
pollution on land, water and air.