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Cage overcalf socks - Wild Black

Cage overcalf socks - Wild Black

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Cage overcalf socks

Continuing with the desert sock design style and following the investigator's trail,this concept imagines the cages used during hunting expeditions as its imagery. 

The design features encircling cage-like lines, sharp claw marks on the sides,and patterns reminiscent of organic skeletal structures.

This new sock design is composed of seemingly rough and chaotic lines, creating a novel aesthetic.

Functional Sock Solutions

Siro spun Combed Cotton yarn
Siro spun is a yarn spinning process used for high-end textiles, with a natural luster and uniform structure, soft to the touch, and more wear-resistant and high resilience. It can reduce the problem of pilling, providing a more comfortable wearing experience.

Zinc Ion Acteev® Antimicrobial Fiber
Ascend Performance Materials exclusive zinc ion antimicrobial technology effectively inhibits bacterial growth and odor formation. The non-silver ion process achieves a more environmentally friendly antimicrobial method while retaining forward-looking features such as skin-friendly and easy-to-dye properties.

Lycra® Elastic Fibers
The patented fiber from The LYCRA Company outperforms its competitors in stretch and recovery, redefining comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

100% Azo Free Certificate
Azo dye releases carcinogen when in contact with the human body. We are committed to an Azo free dying process to meet international safety standards and prevent adverse effects on the environment and the human body.

Machine Linking
The toe of the sock is machine-linked, removing any discomfort from friction against phalanges and ensuring comfort after a long day in your socks.

Product Information

Style: 24SS
Color: Wild Fire, Wild Black, Wild Gray
Size: 25~29cm
Composition : 38% Siro Cotton, 48% Nylon, 10% Skinlife®, 4% Lycra®
Made in Taiwan



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