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Essential casual socks -Lucid Grey

Essential casual socks -Lucid Grey

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2022 Spring/Summer Collection

Coming with the 2022 Spring/Summer season, what type of style you are wearing? There is a sock style that would fit you in every style and every occasion. 

The Essential renews its colorway for the upcoming season with essential colors Black & White alone with the seasonal theme "Lucid" colorways. This season "Lucid" brings you a leading light-hearted sensation that includes beige, grey, yellow, and light colors, taking out the sense of heaviness of winter.

This season the Essential sock is reengineered with a minor update, we adjust the upper half structure of the sock, in order to provide more vivid colors. Although it cost more, we still want to offer better products which the same comfortability, price. 

Functional Sock Solutions

Merly® Skinlife Antibacterial Silver Microparticles

One of the many patented fibers of global company Nylstar, Merly® Skinlife is made from silver microparticles and has a permanent antibacterial effect on garments with effectivity proven to last after 100washes. The inner layer of the sock is fully covered to maintain a reasonable microbe count on the surface of the skin but preventing allergies or bad odors.

Lycra® Elastic Fibers

The patented fiber from The LYCRA Company out performs its competitors in stretch and recovery, redefining comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

100% Azo Free Certificate

Azo dye releases carcinogen when in contact with the human body. We are committed to an Azo free dying process to meet international safety standards and prevent adverse effects on the environment and the human body.

Machine Linking

The toe of the sock is machine-linked, removing any discomfort from friction against phalanges and ensuring comfort after a long day in your socks.

Product Information

Style: Essential
Color: White, Black, Lucid Yellow, Lucid Light, Lucid Beige, Lucid Gray
Size  : 23~28 cm
Composition :75% Cotton, 12% Polyester, 6% Nylon, 4% Skinlife®, 3% Lycra®
Made in Taiwan

About nozzle quiz®

The functional accessories and designs of nozzle quiz® perfectly fuses with Taiwanese culture to offer, in extension, a clean-cut interpretation of Taiwanese streetwear. Our comfortable accessories are ideal for day-to-day life and for travelers with a keen sense of style. We believe that functionality should be imbued within daily accessories and the theme of flexible functionality pervades our products to resolve any functionality requirements foreseeable in an urbanite’s daily life. The introduction of simple, clean, and independent aesthetics into the wearer’s daily life is a true expression of the label’s essential theme: “Functional accessory with flexible design.”




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