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Essential Crew Casual Socks -Desert Grey

Essential Crew Casual Socks -Desert Grey

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The residents of this city commonly wear socks with desert camouflage colors in their everyday attire, allowing them to freely walk the streets. These socks can be divided into two styles and seven color combinations, each shade subtly unique, combining the desert's various tones across different times and places.

According to confidential data from the Nozzle Quiz company, these two sock styles, akin to desert shields, offer functionalities suited for diverse purposes. The Crew style provides exceptional coverage, offering protection during their daily hustle. The other style, labeled as "Lightweight," becomes an excellent choice when one desires to roam and stroll through the city.

Functional Sock Solutions

Siro spun Combed Cotton yarn
Siro spun is a yarn spinning process used for high-end textiles, with a natural luster and uniform structure, soft to the touch, and more wear-resistant and high resilience. It can reduce the problem of pilling, providing a more comfortable wearing experience.

Meryl®Skinlife Antibacterial Silver Microparticles
Patented fibers of Nylstar, Merly®Skinlife is made from silver microparticles and has a permanent antibacterial effect on garments. The inner layer of the sock is covered to maintain a reasonable microbe count on the skin but preventing allergies or bad odors.

Lycra® Elastic Fibers
The patented fiber from The LYCRA Company outperforms its competitors in stretch and recovery, redefining comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

100% Azo Free Certificate
Azo dye releases carcinogen when in contact with the human body. We are committed to an Azo free dying process to meet international safety standards and prevent adverse effects on the environment and the human body.

Machine Linking
The toe of the sock is machine-linked, removing any discomfort from friction against phalanges and ensuring comfort after a long day in your socks.

Product Information

Style: Essential Crew
Color: Desert Ink, Brn, Grey
Size: 23~28cm
Composition : 77% Siro Cotton, 9% Nylon, 11% Skinlife®, 3% Lycra®
Made in Taiwan



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