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Melange Parallel Socks - Hybrid Beige

Melange Parallel Socks - Hybrid Beige

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The Hybrid - “Hybridity” Chapter1.
The new concept for the five-year anniversary of nozzle quiz is “Hybridity,” meaning mixed, hybrid, and coexistence. The first chapter, Hybrid, is created by mixing concepts from the 2018 LANDING collection, 2019 LAYERS collection, and the reoccurring MELANGE of 2021. The colors are visually transformed to cover entire areas and the sock wear prototype is defined by a thick-knit aesthetic. A mixed yarn structure is then introduced into the design at the end. The simplistic texture and design positions the sock as an apparel item that can complement any outfit for the monochrome sock and mixed yarn structure to reveal itself in the small opening between shoes and pants. The Hybridity collection will adopt a multi-angle perspective to highlight, remake, and refine characteristics of past products to create a continuation of past design concepts through new hybrid aesthetics for the fifth-anniversary collection. Make sure to keep an eye out for the nozzle quiz fifth-anniversary collection.

Deformed Type nozzle & quiz
Embroidery for the five-year anniversary will be presented in a fractured look as a continuation of the Hybridity concept. The brand name - nozzle quiz - will be embroidered on the sock, right above the rim of the shoes, for exposure and as an exquisite detail.

Functional Sock Solutions
Meryl®Skinlife Antibacterial Silver Microparticles
One of the many patented fibers of global company Nylstar, Meryl®Skinlife is made from silver microparticles and has a permanent antibacterial effect on garments with effectivity proven to last after 100 washes. The inner layer of the sock is fully covered to maintain a reasonable microbe count on the surface of the skin but preventing allergies or bad odors.

Lycra® Elastic Fibers
The patented fiber from The LYCRA Company outperforms its competitors in stretch and recovery, redefining comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

100% Azo Free Certificate
Azo dye releases carcinogen when in contact with the human body. We are committed to an Azo free dying process to meet international safety standards and prevent adverse effects on the environment and the human body.

Machine Linking
The toe of the sock is machine-linked, removing any discomfort from friction against phalanges and ensuring comfort after a long day in your socks.

Product Information
Style : 2022ss Hybridity
Color : Hybrid Black, Hybrid Grey, Hybrid Beige
Size  : 23~29cm
Composition : 82%Cotton, 11%Nylon, 6%Skinlife®, 1%Lycra®
Made in Taiwan
※ Due to the structure feature of the socks, occasionally it may be loosed and occur the socks pile up at foot toe. Please be noted before you purchase.



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