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Tear Resistant Patch Socks (2pack)

Tear Resistant Patch Socks (2pack)

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Tear Resistant Patch Socks (2pack)

This collaboration, the independently developed “tear-resistant fabric” runs through the whole series’s products, sublimating the function and aesthetic of clothing, and collaborating with nozzle quiz to design the exclusive style Tear Resistant Patch Socks, which transforms the tear-resistant texture into the sock design. The same PATCH design on both socks, but with different tear-resistant textures hidden in them, reveals the details.

In addition, the outer packaging is made of Tyvek® non-woven fabric, which has characteristics such as reusable and not easy to tear, blending the two brands’ understanding of “function”. “Function is not only a way to solve problems, but also to achieve “reuse” and reduce waste is also an important aspect.”

Tear Resistant Patch Socks are sold in 2 pairs per bag, offering ink black and tech gray color combinations, for clothing lovers who value outfit details.

Functional Sock Solutions

Meryl®Skinlife Antibacterial Silver Microparticles
One of the many patented fibers of global company Nylstar, Meryl®Skinlife is made from silver microparticles and has a permanent antibacterial effect on garments with effectivity proven to last after 100 washes. The inner layer of the sock is fully covered to maintain a reasonable microbe count on the surface of the skin but preventing allergies or bad odors.

Lycra® Elastic Fibers
The patented fiber from The LYCRA Company outperforms its competitors in stretch and recovery, redefining comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

100% Azo Free Certificate
Azo dye releases carcinogen when in contact with the human body. We are committed to an Azo free dying process to meet international safety standards and prevent adverse effects on the environment and the human body.

Machine Linking
The toe of the sock is machine-linked, removing any discomfort from friction against phalanges and ensuring comfort after a long day in your socks.

Product Information

Style: noqliquiz
Color: Black & Grey (2pack)
Size: 25~29cm
Composition: 48% Acrylic, 38% Nylon, 10% Skinlife, 3% Lycra, 1% Polyester
Made in Taiwan
Price : NTD. 980

About Oqliq

oqLiq is a high-end performance brand from Taiwan, merging Oriental simplicity with street fashion concepts to redefine urban outdoors clothing styles. oqLiq's aesthetic focuses on minimalist and utilitarian silhouettes with an aim to consistently use innovative and sustainable fabrics.


WISDOM® is a Taiwanese brand that offers a wide range of fashion apparel with solid functional features, we design for modern travelers that shuttle in different country and offering near-future clothing that adheres a comfort and convenience movement to summarizing user’s experiences; Our products are made with fabrics developed in collaboration with high performance Taiwan textile manufacturers, it takes mobility, lightweight, agility, and comfort into main considerations, we are committed TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY brand essence, specifically construct functional outline and suitable storage idea, to ensure stylish and functional contemporary menswear.



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