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Utility String Belt - Velvet

Utility String Belt - Velvet

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Surreal Ordinary Unit
Log.Day313_Hunt Utility String Belt

Before the severe winter, the residents of the city would go out to hunt for supplies, and they would need a utility belt that could be used as a belt and also hang other accessories that they might need at any time.

According to the internal data of nozzle quiz company, this Utility String Belt has been tested repeatedly by the company staff, and they have added a more handy Woojin main buckle, and modified the original structure, adjusting the direction of the String, making it more convenient to use.

Functionality of Yarn & Fasteners

Woojin® Buckles
The Korean professional buckle brand Woojin, known worldwide for its excellent craftsmanship, has a unique appearance and is specifically designed for lightweight and extreme conditions.

NIFCO® Buckles
High-quality, durable, and reliable NIFCO® buckles made in Taiwan are adopted for their craftsmanship, elegant design, and seamless molds.

Lightweight elastic string structure 
The belt is made of elastic string as the main detachable structure, which has elasticity and fits the user’s body shape better. It also has two length adjustment buckles to increase convenience.

Product information

Style:Srl Odnry Unit
Color:Black, Grey, Velvet
Size:Approx. L130cm x W2.5cm
Composition:Webbing 100% Nylon,Buckle 100% POM
Made in Taiwan



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