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FilmNeverDie Yunibasaru ユニバーサル Single Use Camera (400iso, 27 exp)

FilmNeverDie Yunibasaru ユニバーサル Single Use Camera (400iso, 27 exp)

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Introducing the new FilmNeverDie single use camera! 

Yunibasaru ユニバーサル, means universal, which translate you can use it anytime, anywhere. Just make sure to turn on the flash when its dark or indoor, and make sure the subjects is around 2-3 meters (at night).

Made with a recycled camera body, this is the camera for summer, sports and the beach. Lightweight and easy to use spontaneous snapshots are made simple and accessible. This smart single use camera fits in your beach bag, rucksack or the glove compartment of your car and takes good pictures simply everywhere. Ideal for taking pictures outdoors, in sunshine or light cloud. Even children can take fantastic photos with it! 

The only thing that you need to keep in mind when using this camera is to use flash when indoors and at night to get best results! 

The best thing is when you develop with FilmNeverDie, everyone of these single use get shipped back to China to be recycle and reused, yes that is why our Single Use (not really Single Use) cost a tad more.


  • 35mm Film
  • Disposable
  • AAA battery operated flash (included)
  • No DX code
  • 27 Exposures
  • 400ISO Color film



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