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WK.P - Sacoche S

WK.P - Sacoche S

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The concept of "soft function" in the product line of THE ECHO treats functionality as a part of daily life that is hidden in the details. By providing necessary daily functionality and softening the typical rigid appearance of functional products, these style items blend seamlessly into everyday wear.
Therefore, the series extensively uses curved outlines to reduce the rugged image of functional items. Additionally, three-dimensional cutting and multi-pocket designs that can be quickly detached are added to meet daily functional needs while using durable breathable mesh material.
The visual design is based on the theme of "music-like whispers," describing the desire to lead us through music and fly between the mountains and seas, heading towards a worry-free destination."

Size  : Bag 22x16CM, Strap 120CM
Composition : Bag 100% Polyester, Buckle 100% POM
Material / Manufacture / Package:台灣 / Taiwan



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