Collection: #09DUST

#09 DUST - All is dust, dust is all.

What is dust?

Where would dust be if there is nothing to lay on?

Is what appears to be true the only truth?

We are here, hence the dust is here. Yet all we are is just a compilation of dust, and at some point everything will end up being dust again. All is dust, it is part of what we are and what we will be in the end.

Inspired by the underlying messages of dust, Bev C #09 collection

presents a new perspective to view garments with the concept of dust.

The intent is to unveil consistency within all objects that are hidden due to the instinctive labelling in this society, heavily affected by standard cultural norms.

In this collection Bev C adapts elements from different cultures to portray equality towards all ethnicity. As always, Bev C went with the take to develop multi functional ready-to-wear from their signature design. Exhibiting Bev C’s rebellious spirit with their very own interpretations on minimalist fashion, we minimalise the wardrobe instead of the style.

Continuing our sustainable line from the last collection, Bev C uses restructured fabrics and demonstrates the possibility of viewing what is supposed to be ‘dust’ through a different perspective. We attempt to intrigue audiences to shift away from collective consciousness. Experience life through the lens of ‘Dust’.